Daniel MacArthur
Daniel is a group leader within the Analytic and Translational Genetics Unit ATGU) at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is also Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and a research Affiliate at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT.
tarutukiainen_bw Taru Tukiainen
Taru is a postdoctoral research fellow focused on using transcriptome sequencing (RNA-seq) data to explore the biology of skeletal muscle and in the diagnosis of patients with rare, severe muscle diseases such as muscular dystrophy.
Eric Minikel Eric Vallabh Minikel
Eric is a computational scientist working to identify causal variants in rare Mendelian diseases, and developing new pipelines for variant annotation, filtering and quality control.
karolestrada_bw2 Karol Estrada
Karol Estrada is a postdoctoral research fellow using ExomeChip and exome sequencing to discover novel variants associated with osteoporosis and metabolic diseases, and developing resources for rare disease genomics in Mexico.
julianmaller_bw Julian Maller
Julian is a postdoctoral research fellow currently focusing on various aspects of the analysis of RNA-sequencing data and building infrastructure for these analyses.
bretthomas_bw Brett Thomas
Brett is a software engineer leading the development of xBrowse, an online platform for the analysis of exome sequencing data from rare Mendelian disease families built as a joint collaboration between the MacArthur and Daly labs.
monkollek_bw Monkol Lek
Monkol is a postdoctoral scientist focusing on the large-scale analysis of exome sequencing data, and its application to improving understanding of human biology and disease risk.
fengmeizhao_bw2 Fengmei Zhao
Fengmei is a bioinformatics specialist who coordinates the collection of exome sequencing and other data from Mendelian disease collaborators, and leads the development of CNV calling methods within the group.
konradkarczewski_bw Konrad Karczewski
Konrad is a postdoctoral scientist researching the prevalence and impact of loss-of-function variation in healthy human genomes and developing software pipelines for the improved annotation thereof.
andrewhill_bw Andrew J. Hill
Andrew is a software engineer and genomics researcher developing improved methods for variant annotation and the application of sequencing to Mendelian genetics.